Enterprise Data Management

Data Enterprise Data Management (DE/DM) – Assists customers with all aspects of Data Management, from governance to modeling to deployment and security.

MCN Solutions is experienced in developing the following principles:

  • • Data Governance
  • • Data Modeling
  • • Data Profiling
  • • Data Stewardship
  • • Data Privacy
  • • Data Security

Data Warehousing – Develops Data Warehouse architecture to provide a means to house, transforms, and catalogs the main source of data. MCN Solutions assists our clients to better organize and maintain their data history, integrate data from multiple source systems, enable a more thorough view, provide a single common data model for all data sources, restructure the data for business users for better understanding, and add value to operational business applications.

Data Architecture - Provides a data architecture that will identify the data duplications and redundancies, as well as aligning to its Enterprise Architecture, Application Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture. Our solution focuses on building the data architecture to map the conceptual, logical, and physical data structures.

Database and System Integration – Organizes and consolidates data from multiple sources, which will enable a merged visualization of the data. Our solution focuses on collecting and moving the data from one database source or flat file on a source system to another database or flat file on a target system.

Information Sharing - Assists organizations on their information sharing initiatives to construct a common vocabulary or lexicon, data harmonization, data rationalization, data stewardship policies and guidelines. MCN’s solution has enabled organizations to reduce the volume of data redundancies across systems, and their associated cost.

Business Intelligence – Our Business Intelligence solution can improve an organization’s productivity and satisfy a need to move forward and adapt to new markets, customers, and competitive changes. Implementing MCN’s BI solution can help establish objective metrics and identify key performance indicators that will help the organization monitor and assess results against plan and strategy. The ultimate outcome is better overall business decisions based on quantitative factors.